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Aegean Airlines Denied Boarding: How to Get Compensation for Overbooking

Aegean Airlines Denied Boarding: How to Get Compensation for Overbooking
Jeremiah Awogboro
Written By Jeremiah Awogboro
Last Updated: May 10, 2024

As Greece’s flag carrier and the largest in the country, Aegean Airlines ended 2023 on a high note, serving 15.5 million passengers. The chairman, Mr. Eftichios Vassilakis, noted that the company had an exceptional 2023 with high expectations for 2024. Most importantly, the company has avoided major incidents involving denied boarding from overbooking in 2023, except for a few notable ones in 2022.

A Reddit user, Ninaalx, complained of being denied boarding on his return flight from Athens after using another flight to get there. Missing the first flight voided the ticket, with gate agents informing him that his ticket was no longer valid. This situation can be tricky to handle when demanding compensation.

Aegean Airlines overbooking its flights will be no surprise to us at AirAdvisor, given the prevalent practice in the industry. Hence, we are ready to help resolve your dispute and ensure you receive compensation when bumped from your flights. Our quick guide will explain your rights, including the denied boarding compensation and how to get it.

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What is Overbooking and Why Does Aegean Airlines Do It

An Aegean Airlines press release from January 2024 showed that the carrier offered 18.5 million seats in 2023 but carried 15.5 million passengers. Besides other reasons, the shortfall would mean empty seats, resulting in a loss for the carrier’s revenue. Hence, Aegean Airlines may overbook its flights to make up for passengers who may not show up.

Overbooking involves selling more tickets than the available seats on a flight. How many extra tickets the carrier sells is at its discretion. However, the airline must consider its no-show rate to avoid involuntary denied boarding.

Aegean Airlines states that it does not overbook its flights as a policy. Still, when they do have an oversold flight, the first step would be to call for volunteers. In most cases, these passengers will willingly give up their seats for perks or rewards from the carrier, including vouchers.

The carrier would only bump passengers if it cannot find enough volunteers. This is when you might find yourself being denied boarding without your consent.

A few things can increase your chances of getting bumped on an overbooked flight. Notwithstanding, the airline must compensate you if the primary reason is overbooking. Our AirAdvisor experts can help you avoid situations that make you ineligible for this compensation.

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Regulations and Passenger Rights if Aegean Airlines Overbooking Causes Denied Boarding

Aegean Airlines adheres to passenger rights under European Regulation (EC) 261/2004. However, it adheres to the UK Civil Aviation Authority’s regulations when operating in the UK. Both provide passenger rights when Aegean Airlines oversells a flight that, results in you getting bumped.

The denied boarding passenger rights apply if you meet the following conditions:

  • The flight departs from a UK or EU airport.
  • You have a confirmed reservation or any document that proves Aegean or an authorised agent accepted and registered your reservation.
  • You presented yourself for check-in at least 30 minutes before the departure time.
  • You have tickets from a frequent flyer programme or other commercial programme from Aegean.

Because of these passenger rights, Aegean Airlines must compensate you if you’re denied boarding. If they refuse, an AirAdvisor expert is ready to help. With that in mind, here are your rights regarding involuntary and voluntary denied boarding:

Involuntary Denied Boarding

You have the right to compensation and assistance if you have a bumped flight. This compensation should be available immediately. However, that may not always be the case.

Aegean Airlines will provide the following:

Right to Care

You are entitled to meals and refreshments if you have to wait for alternative arrangements from the carrier. If you are delayed by 2 hours or more, then you will be offered meals and refreshments in proportion to your wait time. Hence, you can expect a full-day provision if the delay causes you to wait 24 hours.

Hotel accommodations should also be available if an overnight stay is necessary. This happens when Aegean Airlines cannot get you on an alternative flight soon enough. In addition, the carrier will transport you to the hotel and back to the airport.

Two telephone calls, telex, fax messages, or emails will be provided throughout your stay.

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Reimbursement or rerouting

You can choose between a reimbursement or re-routing where applicable. For reimbursements, the carrier will refund you the complete ticket cost, at the price you bought it, within seven days. That can include the parts of the trip not made after getting bumped or the parts previously made if the journey no longer serves the intended purpose.

Enforcing the right to reimbursement for parts of the journey covered can be challenging. You must prove that the delay has made the intended purpose of your journey no longer viable. Also, you must have paid for the entire journey and not booked the flights separately.

The alternative to reimbursement is rerouting. Aegean Airlines will offer re-routing services at the earliest opportunity or when you prefer. However, this option is subject to the availability of seats on the alternative flight.

Voluntary Denied Boarding

You can negotiate extra conditions when giving up your seat on an overbooked flight. That will be in addition to the assistance on reimbursement or re-routing from the carrier.

There is no fixed amount or condition for voluntary denied boarding. Volunteers are open to negotiating. Most carriers, like Wizz Air, with a pay-what-you-bid system, try to make the rewards attractive to get adequate volunteers.

Another right in this category is that you can refuse to give up your seat when the carrier calls for volunteers. Note that you can still get bumped, except if you are among those the carrier gives priority boarding.


You can decide how Aegean Airlines reimburses you. The carrier offers reimbursements in cash, electronic transfers, bank orders, and bank cheques.


Our experts always recommend getting cash at the airport when available. That will spare you the stress of going back and forth with other payment methods.

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Aegean Denied Boarding Compensation: How Much You Can Get

The table below shows the compensation when denied boarding on an Aegean Airlines flight involuntarily:

Flight Distance


1,500 km or less


Flights within the EU or more than 1,500 km


Other flights between 1,500 km and 3,500 km


All flights that do not fall under the above categories


Aegean Airlines may reduce the compensation by 50% if it offers re-routing on an alternative flight and the arrival time is as follows:

  • Within two hours of the original arrival time for flights of 1,500 km or less
  • Within three hours for all flights within the EU of more than 3,500 km and other flights between 1,500 km and 3,500 km
  • Four hours for all flights not within the above categories

What to Do If Aegean Airlines Overbooked and You Were Denied Boarding

Getting your compensation will be a breeze with AirAdvisor. Our experts will help you prepare all the necessary documents and set the record straight for a smooth process. In other words, our experts will help establish your eligibility for compensation.

Follow the steps below immediately after you are bumped, and if the gate agent hasn’t provided your compensation:

  1. Assemble all your travel documents, including reservations, flight tickets, luggage tags, etc.
  2. Remain calm and make copies of receipts for additional expenses if the carrier offers re-routing on an alternative flight and you have waited more than 2 hours.
  3. Contact an AirAdvisor expert and share the required information.
  4. Follow all recommendations from our experts.

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Exceptions: When You Are Not Entitled to Compensation

Airline Policy

Aegean Airlines overbooking a flight is not the only reason you might get bumped. You may be ineligible for overbooked flight compensation if the carrier denies you boarding for other reasons. These include extraordinary circumstances the carrier could not avoid even after applying all reasonable measures.

Examples of extraordinary circumstances include the following:

  • Political instability
  • Meteorological conditions that affect the operation of the intended aircraft, causing a switch to an alternative aircraft
  • Unexpected flight safety shortcomings beyond the carrier’s control

You may also be ineligible for denied boarding compensation if you show up with unruly behaviour or physical intoxication. These violate Aegean Airlines’ fair boarding policy.


Expert Tips

  • Obtain written statements from the carrier when bumped off a flight. The statement should show why you were bumped.
  • Inquire about any restrictions when offered vouchers or alternative tickets.
  • Avoid vouchers and pick cash when the latter is available.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How long should I wait for denied boarding compensation from Aegean Airlines?

The carrier states that its compensation is offered immediately at the airport. Wait for it, or contact AirAdvisor if there is no positive response to your compensation claim.

How long does Aegean Airlines take to respond to complaints?

The carrier typically takes 30 days to respond. You can check the status of your Aegean complaint or contact the call centre, which is available 24/7.

Does checking in early lower my chances of getting bumped?

Checking in early can lower your chances of getting bumped from overbooking. However, the carrier can still deny passengers boarding for safety reasons. Priority boarding will be used when necessary.

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