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Business Trip Flight Delay Compensation: How to Claim up to £520

Business Trip Flight Delay Compensation: How to Claim up to £520

Nicolle Harwood-Nash
Last Updated: May 13, 2024

When business travel plans are derailed by flight delays or cancellations, it can be more than a mere inconvenience. It can mean missed meetings, lost productivity, and additional unplanned expenses. But did you know you could be entitled to up to £520 in compensation for these disruptions? 4.6/5 based on 14,909 reviews

At AirAdvisor, we're passionate about empowering travellers with knowledge of their rights and helping them secure the compensation they deserve. In this article, we explore your air passenger rights during a business trip, clarify eligibility criteria, review the process of claiming compensation and explain how our team can help carry the load.

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What Are My Air Passenger Rights During a Business Trip?

When embarking on a business trip, knowing your rights in the event of flight disruptions can be invaluable. These rights vary depending on the region, but are typically grounded in specific legislation designed to protect employees traveling on business trips:


In the United Kingdom, your air passengers are covered under UK261, which was modelled after the existing EU legislation, following the UK's exit from the European Union. These rules ensure you're treated fairly in the event of a flight disruption and can claim compensation for significant flight delays, cancellations, and overbooking. Depending on the circumstances of the disruption you face, this can range significantly but can be up to £520.


In the United States, your air passenger rights are enshrined in The Passengers' Bill of Rights. This legislation addresses long tarmac delays, providing you with specific rights such as access to food and water, proper ventilation and restrooms, and updates regarding the delay every 30 minutes. It's worth noting that the US does not have a standardised compensation structure for flight delays or cancellations like the EU or UK. Learn more about US Flight Delay Compensation.


For flights departing from or arriving in the European Union, your passenger rights are dictated by EU261. Under this regulation, you can claim compensation for delays over 3 hours, cancellations, and denied boarding due to overbooking. The compensation amount is determined by your flight distance and the duration of the delay, with a maximum potential compensation of up to €600.

If your flight was delayed, canceled or overbooked within the last 3 years, you could be eligible for up to £520 in compensation

When Am I Eligible to Receive Compensation?

Eligibility for delayed business trip flight compensation depends on a few key factors:

  • Time: For EU261 and UK261 claims, the delay must be over 3 hours upon arrival. This calculation considers the time you reach your final destination, not merely the departure delay, ensuring that the knock-on effects of a delay are considered in the claim.
  • Departure Airport: Under EU261 and UK261, the flight must have departed from an EU or UK airport, respectively. This means that even if your airline isn't based in the EU or UK, you can still claim compensation if your flight originates from an airport within these regions.
  • Operating Airline: For flights that are arriving at an EU or UK airport from outside the EU or UK, you're also covered under EU261 or UK261 regulations. The condition is that the operating airline is EU or UK-based.

Situations When Airline Doesn’t Have to Pay Compensation

Airlines aren't required to pay flight delay compensation to business travelers or flight cancellation compensation in the following scenarios:

  • Extraordinary Circumstances: These are instances where the cause of the delay or cancellation is beyond the control of the airline. Such situations could include severe weather conditions, security threats, political unrest, or sudden, unavoidable safety hazards. These events absolve the airline from paying compensation as they fall outside of what could be reasonably managed or prevented.
  • Notification: If you received information about the flight cancellation at least 14 days prior to the scheduled departure date, the airline isn't required to provide compensation. This rule exists to allow airlines the flexibility to adjust their schedules, provided they give passengers sufficient advance notice to rearrange their plans.

What Other Benefits Am I Entitled to In Case of Delay or Cancellation?

Apart from offering work trip flight delay or compensation, airlines are obligated to ensure your comfort during long delays. This means providing meals and refreshments, access to communications (like free phone calls), hotel accommodation and transportation if you're required to stay overnight. In cases of significant delays or cancellations, airlines should also offer the choice between re-routing to your final destination at the earliest opportunity or a refund of your ticket.

Who Has the Right to Claim Compensation: Employer or Employee?

A common question about business travel flight delay compensation is "Who has the right to claim the compensation, the employer who purchased the ticket, or the employee who experienced the delay?". According to the regulations, even though the company may have purchased the ticket, it's the passenger, i.e., the employee, who may claim the compensation.


In the case of a delay of over 5 hours or a cancellation where a refund is possible, the refund would be given to the party that paid for the ticket (usually the company), while the compensation for the inconvenience of the delay or cancellation goes to the employee.

Claim Your Business Trip Flight Compensation with AirAdvisor

Claiming your business trip flight compensation can be a complex process, but with AirAdvisor, the process is streamlined and stress-free:

  1. Submit Your Flight Details: Simply input your flight details into our user-friendly online 'Compensation Check' form, including your flight number and the date of travel.
  2. Claim Evaluation: Our sophisticated automated system will quickly assess your claim for eligibility based on the details you've provided. You'll know almost right away if you qualify for compensation.
  3. We Handle the Rest: Once you've submitted your claim, you can sit back and let us do the heavy lifting. Our team of experts will manage the entire process, corresponding with the airline and advocating fiercely on your behalf.
  4. Receive Compensation: If your claim is successful, the amount is transferred directly to you, minus our fee, with no hidden costs or charges. It's that simple!
Find out if you are owed compensation for a disrupted flight!


Who is entitled to flight delay compensation on a business trip?

The individual passenger who experienced the delay is entitled to flight delay compensation on a business trip, regardless of who purchased the ticket.

How long does my flight need to be delayed to qualify for business trip compensation?

Under UK261 and EU261 regulations, your flight must be delayed by at least 3 hours upon arrival to qualify for flight delay compensation for business travelers.

How can I claim compensation for flight delays on a business trip?

The simplest way to claim compensation is through a dedicated service like the one we offer at AirAdvisor, which manages the entire process on your behalf, increasing the likelihood of a successful claim. Alternatively, you can lodge a compensation claim directly with the airline through their online claim form or other dedicated customer care channel.

What is the amount of compensation I can expect for a flight delay during my business trip?

Depending on the distance of your flight and the length of the delay, you can expect compensation between £220 and £520 (or the EURO equivalent) under UK261 and EU261 regulations.

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