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Air Arabia Delayed & Cancelled Flights: How to Get Compensation and Refunds

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If you’ve ever experienced the chaos of flight disruptions, then you can understand why passenger protections are so important. But what are they exactly and how are your rights protected when you encounter cancellations, delays, denied boarding, or missed connections? Well we’re going to unpack all of this for you and show you how you can also be given the compensation you’re owed.

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Air Arabia Delayed & Cancelled Flights: How to Get Compensation and Refunds
Anton Radchenko
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Last Updated: June 21, 2024

What Are Your Air Arabia Air Passenger Rights

If your Air Arabia flight is departing from an airport located in the EU or UK, then your passenger rights for flight disruptions are protected by the regulations of these regions.

EU air passenger rights

As a passenger departing from an EU airport, your rights are governed by EU 261. These regulations require the airline to provide compensation and flight refunds depending on whether you’ve experienced a flight cancellation, delay, missed connection, or denied boarding.

More specifically, EU law says that Air Arabia must compensate you up to €600 for flight disruptions that are within the airline’s control. The specific amount is determined by how long your flight is delayed and the overall distance of your flight.

UK air passenger rights

Similar to the EU laws, UK 261 protects Air Arabia passengers who depart from a UK airport and provide the same rights and compensation. Under these regulations, you could receive up to £520 from the airline.

Air Arabia Cancelled Flight

Air Arabia Cancelled Flight Compensation

If Air Arabia cancels your flight and gives you 14 days notice, then you won’t be eligible for compensation. But if you’re given less than 14 days notice, then the airline must provide you with an alternate flight or give you a refund. At the same time, you can claim compensation, the amount of which will be determined by the length of your flights and how long you were delayed.

If your flight was cancelled because of a strike at the airport, a bird strike, or severe and dangerous weather, then Air Arabia is not required to compensate you, but you are still entitled to a replacement flight or a refund if you choose not to take your trip.

Flight Refunds from Air Arabia

When your flight is cancelled and you’re given less than 14 days notice or if your flight is delayed by more than 5 hours, then EU and UK law states that Air Arabia must provide you with a replacement flight or full refund, but not both.

Air Arabia Denied Boarding & Missed Connection Compensation

When you miss a flight because of overbooking, then you are entitled to compensation if you didn’t agree to relinquishing your seat. But if you miss a connecting flight because of a delay, or other flight disruption on the same itinerary, then Air Arabia could also be liable for compensation.

Air Arabia Delayed Flight Compensation

If the airline is at fault for a delay that lasts more than 3 hours, then EU and UK Regulations require them to compensate you, but once again, the distance of your flight will dictate the amount of compensation you could receive.

Disrupted Air Arabia flight? You might have a right to compensation - up to €600.Check Your Flight

Air Arabia Compensation Amounts

We’ve been talking about how the amount of money you receive in compensation depends on the distance of your journey. Here’s a table to help explain.

Air Arabia Compensation Amounts

Flights up to 1,500 km


Flights between 1,500 km and 3,500 km


Flight more than 3,500 km

Up tp €600

What To Do About Flight Disruptions

At some point, even occasional travellers encounter flight disruptions. So when you’re an Air Arabia passenger and your flight is delayed or cancelled, here’s what you should do to make your life easier and possibly win a compensation claim if you choose to file one later.

  1. Talk to an Air Arabia agent and try to find out what caused the cancellation or delay. When they tell you, keep a detailed account of their answer.
  2. Gather documents and other evidence to support a future claim. This can include your boarding pass, airline communication with you regarding the flight disruption, photos of information, and anything else that could support your case.
  3. You’re entitled to care when your flight is disturbed, to ask Air Arabia for meal and refreshments vouchers or hotel accommodation if you have to wait overnight. And don’t forget that you’re also entitled to complimentary communication, so ask the airline about this as well.
  4. While you’re waiting, be sure to find out how much you could be compensated on our compensation calculator.

What Not To Do

You should try to avoid these common pitfalls that passengers face with an Air Arabia cancelled or delayed flight.

  1. Don’t accept the first offer they give you. Air Arabia, like other airlines, might try to compensate you with an amount less than what you’re entitled to. If they do this, check to see how much you are legally owed and insist that they provide you with that amount.
  2. Don’t Accept vouchers. This might seem like a good idea, but the problem with vouchers is that they have a lot of terms and restrictions, and you usually have a very short time to use them. Plus, accepting a voucher could eliminate your chances of getting compensated later.
  3. Don’t sign waivers. To limit their liability, Air Arabia might ask you to sign something that would reduce your compensation. The best practice here is to make absolutely sure you understand what you are signing, and to remember that you have rights under UK and EU law, so you don’t have to sign anything if you choose not to.

Filing an Air Arabia Compensation Claim

Filing an Air Arabia Compensation Claim

Are you ready to submit your flight compensation claim? If so, make your way to the airline’s website, and look for the Claims link. If you want to make the claims process really easy, then consider letting AirAdvisor handle the claim for you.

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People Also Asked

How long can I wait to submit a cancellation claim with Air Arabia?

The time limit for Air Arabia delayed and cancelled flight compensation claims is 7 years.

What are the rules for compensation if I cancel my flight?

Compensation is only due when the airline cancels your flight, but if you purchased a refundable ticket, then you should be able to get a full refund of the ticket price.

How long does it take for Air Arabia to process cancellation claims?

Unfortunately, there are no definite time limits in place for issuing compensation money. Generally speaking, the process can take anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months.

Air Arabia cancelled my flight where I had an economy seat and gave me a replacement flight in first class. Am I expected to pay back the difference?

Good news! You don’t have to pay the price difference. But if Air Arabia gave you a seat of lesser value, then they would have to pay you the difference.

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Flight Compensation Calculator

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Kristina from Ukraine (Air Arabia G9 260 Flight cancellation)
July 14, 2020, 3:23 pm

The flight was cancelled 3 times. No reason given. Refusing to refund the money.

Lovorka from Croatia (Air Arabia G9 528 Flight cancellation)
January 29, 2020, 10:56 am

First we waited more than two hours to open chek-in counters. When we finnally cheked-in for the flight, we went through security check and boarding started with 20 min delay. They scanned our boarding passes and put us on a bus. Bur after five minutes told us to hop off and go back to the terminal building. There was no sign of dealyed flight. On monitor, there was announcemen of "boarding" for the whole time. Then they gave us food coupons and tell us to come back to the airport at 8 PM. The flight was scheduled for 11:55 AM. When we came back, they move to boarding time to 9 PM, thhan to 9:30.... In the end, they announced a new flight to Casablanca and told us that we go to Casablanca and that we will get new boarding tickets for flight from Casablanca to Marrakech at Casablanca airport. The flight to Casblanca took-off around 11 PM. We were in Casablanca arround 3AM next day. There was no boarding tickets for flight from Casablanca to Marrakech. Instead, they provided a bus to Marrakech airport. We arrived to Marrakech airport at 6AM. It was 15 hours behind scheduled time. Our accomodation canceled our rooms so at that point in the morning, we also had to look for another accomodation.

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