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Ethiopian Airlines Flight Delay and Cancellation Compensation

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Ethiopian Airlines Flight Delay and Cancellation Compensation
Joanna Teljeur
Written By Joanna Teljeur
Last Updated: June 19, 2024

In Cirium’s December 2023 report, Ethiopian Airways made it into the Middle East and Africa regions top 5 on-time performers list. They landed the #5 position with 86.03% of flights on-time. In November of 2023, their OTP rating was 75.48%.

Also in 2023, MsHale reports that the airline was given the title of Africa’s Leading Airline and Africa’s Best Business Class at the World Travel Awards. 

Ethiopian Airlines Air Passenger Rights 

The European Union’s passenger rights regulations are laid out in EU 261. Under these rules, passengers who depart from any EU airport are protected. Similarly, the United Kingdom has its own version of these regulations titled UK 261, with the difference being that flights that depart from UK airports will be governed by this set of regulations.

Both EU and UK regulations protect passengers from all over the world from flight delays, cancellations, and denied boarding by requiring airlines to provide both care and financial compensation to its passengers when certain conditions apply. In short, you may be owed compensation up to £520 (€600) for flight disruptions with the exact amount determined by the duration of your delay and the distance of your flight.

This table explains what you may be eligible to receive from Ethiopian Airlines for the various kinds of flight disruptions.

UK261/EU261 Compensation 

Flight Delays

Flight Cancellations

Denied Boarding

Up to £520 (€600) in compensation

Care & Assistance

Up to £520 (€600) in compensation

Rebooked flight OR Refund

Care & Assistance

Up to £520 (€600) in compensation 

Rebooked flight OR Refund

Care & Assistance

Ethiopian Airlines Delayed Flight Compensation 

If your Ethiopian flight is delayedfor more than 3 hours, then you could be eligible for financial compensation if the airline is at fault.

When your delay is at least 2 hours long, the airline is required to give you free food and drink. 

If your Ethiopian Airlines delay extends to 5 or more hours, then the carrier must give you the option of a rebooked flight or a refund. 

For overnight delays, you must be given overnight hotel accommodation in addition to transport there and back.

Early claims have an 72% higher chance of payout

Act now before your claim expires.

Ethiopian Cancelled Flight Compensation 

For Ethiopian flights cancelled without at least 14 days notice, compensation will be owed to you if extraordinary circumstances weren’t the cause of the cancellation.

Still, you must always be given assistance in getting to your final destination. This means that if your flight is cancelled and you’re already at the airport, you must be offered a replacement flight or a refund if you opt to discontinue your journey. Also, if you do choose to terminate your travel plans, then Ethiopian must also provide you with a flight back to where you started at no charge.

Ethiopian Denied Boarding & Missed Connections

Occasionally, you might be bumped from an Ethiopian flight because the airline oversold it, in which case you must be offered a replacement flight or a refund as well as compensation in cash for the inconvenience. This is known as involuntary denied boarding.

If you miss a connecting flight because of denied boarding, flight cancellation, or flight delay with Ethiopian, then you must be given a replacement flight. You might also be entitled to cash compensation as long as the flights were all within the same reservation and Ethiopian is to blame for the flight interruptions. 

Ethiopian Airlines plane

Ethiopian Airlines Compensation

The actual cash compensation you get from the airline is based on how far you’ve travelled and the amount of time you’re delayed at your final stop. The following table will help you see how these amounts are calculated.

EU and UK Compensation 

Delay Time

Flight Distance


Flights under 1,500km

Flights between 1,500-3,500km

Flights over 3,500km

Over 3 hours




Under 3 hours



* Ethiopian Airlines might try to reduce this amount by as much as 50%, but AirAdvisor always works to get the full amount.

Extraordinary Circumstances

When Ethiopian flights are interrupted because of extraordinary circumstances, it means that the airline was unable to prevent or avoid the problem, in which case you will not be eligible for monetary compensation.

Extraordinary circumstances can be any of the following:

As soon as you hear about your flight disruption, ask a member of Ethiopian Airways to tell you what caused it. Then, document whatever they tell you. When you file a compensation claim, this information will help support your case.

You can also let AirAdvisor’s legal experts submit your claim for you. They’ll handle all the details and even follow through in court if needed. All you have to do to begin is enter your flight details to see if your flight is eligible for compensation.

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People Also Ask

How long does it take to get your compensation money from Ethiopian Airlines?

It could be anywhere from 30 days to a year. Airlines often take their time with claims in the hope that passengers abandon the process. It’s best to be patient and persistent.

Can you get a refund if you cancel your Ethiopian Airlines flight?

It depends on your ticket and the terms and conditions associated with it. If you purchased a refundable ticket, then definitely. Otherwise, you’ll have to check the details of your booking.

If Ethiopian gives you a replacement flight but your seat is upgraded, do you have to pay the difference?

If your flight was cancelled and you were given a replacement flight with a seat upgrade, you do not have to pay the difference. But if you were given a downgraded seat, then the airline will have to pay you for the difference.


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Flight Compensation Calculator

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Recent Comments

Elena from Sweden (Ethiopian Airlines ET 715 Flight cancellation)
June 4, 2023, 10:08 am

It seems the aircraft had a problem in Oslo therefore never arrived in Stockholm

Lorraine from United Kingdom (Ethiopian Airlines ET 706 Missed connection)
October 3, 2022, 10:55 pm

Mid Air at 11pm I purchased internet to browse online and check my work emails only to find an email from Ethiopian airlines stating the plane I was on was now going to arrive an hour later than scheduled, meaning I would miss my connecting flight. Upon arrival they didn’t have an Ethiopian representative, I was told they would arrive at 6pm, I literally had plead with staff at information desk to let me use their phone to call Ethiopian Airlines, they told me they didn’t have seats for me on any flights and could get me on a 6pm flight I flat out refused because of my medical condition, they then told me to go and ask BA if they could reserve a seat for me then call them back to confirm that seat, the airport was huge, I was tired and spent 2.5 hours trying to navigate the place to get myself a ticket , they were very unhelpful and by time I was done solving this issue on my own it was time to check in and find departure gate, it was stressful , I was tired and hungry and very upset. I had free transport awaiting me which I missed at the destination so I had to use my card to pay for transport to my destination and hotel had to buy painkillers for the headache I now had from this experience and just a terrible start to my work trip.

Gabriella from Sweden (Ethiopian Airlines ET 715 Flight cancellation)
October 6, 2021, 12:24 pm

Flight was cancelled due to technical issues and we got no information on what was going to happen next and when. Only got rebooked on another flight in the evening the next day and rerouted with an additional layover in Johannesburg. Upon arrival in Cape Town +24 hours later than my booking my baggage is also lost and I still haven't recieved it or any information on where it's located. Had to buy essentials this morning such as clothes and toiletries.

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