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IndiGo Delayed and Cancelled Flight Compensation, Refunds

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IndiGo Delayed and Cancelled Flight Compensation, Refunds
Joanna Teljeur
Written By Joanna Teljeur
Last Updated: June 07, 2024

According to Cirium’s 2023 report, IndiGo was the 4th most punctual airline in the Asia-Pacific region with 82.12% of flights arriving on time.

The previous year, OAG ranked the airline 15th globally and landed a position at #6 for the top 20 most on-time budget airlines. If that wasn’t enough, in January, IndiGo was named Airline of the Year at the 2024 air transport awards. Still, even the best airlines have flight disruptions, and in this guide, we’ll show you what to do when you run into them.

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Your Passenger Rights

As an IndiGo passenger, your rights are protected by EU and UK law any time you depart from an airport located in these regions. The laws we’re talking about here are European Union Regulations EU261 and UK regulation UK261, both of which were designed to protect passengers and ensure their fair treatment when they encounter delays, cancellations, missed connections or denied boarding situations cased by overbooking.

Thanks to these regulations, the airline must provide you with care and/or cash compensation depending on the length of your delay and the source of the flight disruption.

You can expect to receive:

  • Care and assistance (meals, refreshments, access to communication)
  • Cash compensation
  • Alternate flights
  • Refunds

IndiGo UK261/EU261 Compensation 

Flight Delays

Flight Cancellations

Denied Boarding

Up to £520/€600 in compensation

Care & Assistance

Up to £520/€600 in compensation

Rebooked flight OR Refund

Care & Assistance

Up to £520/€600 in compensation

Rebooked flight OR Refund

Care & Assistance

IndiGo Delayed Flights

These days, passengers are accustomed to flight delay. For some, they can seem like a standard feature of travelling by air. As familiar as they may be, they’re still a massive inconvenience, and because of this, airlines travelling in the EU and UK must compensate passengers accordingly.

If you’re delayed for 2 hours or more and have to wait in the airport, you can get care and assistance from the airline, but you may be entitled to cash compensation depending on how late you arrive at your final destination. For delays of at least 3 hours past your scheduled arrival time, IndiGo is required to pay you for your trouble when they are to blame for the disruption.

Suppose your IndiGo flight is delayed by 5 or more hours. In this unfortunate situation, you must be given the choice of a full refund or a rebooking plus monetary compensation when the carrier is at fault. The following table illustrates these different delay situations.

Length of Delay

Compensation & Entitlements

2+ hour delays

Meals, refreshments, and access to communication

3+ hour delays

Cash compensation if the airline is at fault

5+ hour delays

Option of rebooking or refund + potential cash compensation 

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Cancelled Flights

Cancelled flights, while less common than delays, are still the bane of every traveller because of the cascade of problems they can cause. Well, thanks to EU and UK regulations, you’ll be given some compensation for your grief. Let’s break it down.

You’re given your cancellation 14-days or more before departure: If this is the case, then you will be entitled to a rebooked flight at no extra charge or a refund, but financial compensation will not be required of the airline.

You’re given less than14-days notice: IndiGo must provide the following:

  • Rebooked flight or
  • Cash refund
  • Care and assistance (for delays at the airport that last 2 hours or more) 
  • Overnight hotel accommodation and transport for delays that require you to wait until the next day
  • Cash compensation if the disruptions was not due to extraordinary events

IndiGo family when their flight delayed

IndiGo Flight Refund policy

A flight compensation and a refund are two different things. Regulations allow you to receive both: a cancellation refund and compensation.

In case of a cancellation, an airline will try to re-book you on the similar flight, but if that becomes impossible, a cancellation refund will be a full cash refund. Generally, your claim would succeed, providing there were no extraordinary circumstances beyond airline control.

If IndiGo cancels your flight to extraordinary circumstances (such as Covid travel restrictions or a serious illness) and you were offered no replacement flight, you can obtain a ticket refund in full, since your flights booked were not available.

Types of ticket refunds: A full refund must be in cash or credit. Vouchers are allowed only if you specifically agree to it. We do not recommend accepting vouchers due to short expiry dates and potential restrictions on redemption.


Note: If IndiGo offers a replacement flight with approximately the same arrival time and you decide not to take it, there is a possibility of you losing the right to get both compensation and a ticket refund.


Rule of thumb: you can generally reject alternative flights and receive a refund in full, if a new replacement flight arrives 3+ hours later from your initial scheduled arrival time.

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IndiGo Involuntary Denied Boarding 

Airlines will, with some regularity, sell more tickets than seats available to ensure that they have a fully booked flight. This is called overbooking, and if you’re one of the unfortunate passengers who check in late or have no status as a frequent flyer, then you can face involuntary denied boarding. So, if this happens to you, IndiGo is required to give you:

  • A replacement flight or
  • A refund and
  • Cash compensation

On the other hand, if you were refused boarding because of unruly behaviour or arriving at the gate without the correct documentation, then you will not be able to get cash compensated.

Missed Connections

Your passenger rights in the EU and UK also protect passengers who have missed connections. When your earlier flights, on the same booking, were delayed or cancelled, and you missed your connection, then IndiGo must give you an alternate flight to your next connecting point or to your final destination. Cash compensation is also a possibility provided no extraordinary circumstances were to blame.

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Cash Compensation Amounts

The amount of cash compensation you receive from IndiGo is based on:

  • The extent or your delay
  • The distance of your flight.  

Delay Time

Flight Distance


Flights under 1,500km

Flights between 1,500-3,500km

Flights over 3,500km

Over 3 hours




Under 3 hours



* IndiGo might try to reduce this amount by as much as 50%, but AirAdvisor always works to get the full amount.

Extraordinary Circumstances

IndiGo is exempt from paying their passengers compensation when extraordinary circumstances are at play. So, if your delay or cancellation was caused by any of the following situations, the airline can avoid compensation payouts.

Examples of extraordinary circumstances

  • Airport strikes 
  • Severe weather 
  • Natural disasters
  • Civil unrest
  • Security threats
  • Air traffic control restrictions

Try to find out what caused your flight disruptions. Why? Because airlines will oftentimes try to use extraordinary circumstances as an excuse to avoid compensation, so having proof of what caused your flight disruption will really help your case.

If you need help, you can let AirAdvisor take care of your compensation claim for you. Our team of legal experts can find out what caused your flight disruption, file your claim, and follow up with the airline so you get the full amount that you’re owed.

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People Also Ask

Can kids get compensation from IndiGo?

Yes! If you purchased a ticket for your child, then they are eligible for compensation.

When you have a downgraded seat on an IndiGo flight, can you get compensation?

Yes! For seating class downgrades, the airline must repay you for the difference in cost.

If you cancel your ticket yourself, can you get a refund from IndiGo?

If you decide to cancel your flight, then you won’t be refunded under EU and UK regulations, but you may be able to get refunded if you purchased a refundable ticket.

Flight Compensation Calculator
Flight Compensation Calculator

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Odile SEBŐK from India (IndiGo 6E 4637 Denied boarding)
July 21, 2019, 4:19 pm

The flight arrived exactly that time, when it should departure from New Delhi Airport, so we arrived to Istambul 2 hours late, I missed my flight to Vienna. So I arrived to Vienna more than 5,5 hours late, than should be. - This happened, when I went to Home. When I came back, they did not enter me to the airplane. So I spent 28 hours in Istambul Airport. So I arrived back to India 1 Day later. I had problem in both direction. Forward Vienna, the flight was late more than 5,5 hours, When I came back: they did not let me enter to the airplane - so thats why I spent 28 hours in Istambul Airport, All night I could not seat & sleep at all!!! Running all over the Airport with the cabin bag, without eating, drinking, sleeping, seating. No wifi- Hu that night was so horrible. Whan I went to Europe, the flight: Indigo Air 6E 4001 & Turkish Airlines TK 4037 is the same flight was late in New Delhi 1,5 hours, we reached Istambul Airport 2 hours late, so I missed my flight to Vienna. Originally I must departure from Istambul at 12 am by Turkish - Indigo Airlines 6E 4136 to Vienna. But we arrived to Istambul, when the flight already left Istambul. They arranged to me anther one, which was leaving Istambul airport by 5 pm, arriving to Vienna 7 pm. So from there another 2,5 hours by bus to Budapest. I reached Budapest 10 50 pm at Kelenföld. ( originally I can reach Bp around 5 hours earlier. )

Odile SEBŐK from India (IndiGo 6E 4037 Denied boarding)
July 4, 2019, 3:41 pm

They did not let me enter to the airplane. I was running from one Turkish Airlines desk to another one, sometimes to the Indigo Airlines desk also & back again to the Turkish Airlines desks. I was a ping pong ball between them for 10 hours, all night I spent my time with this. Finally I arrived to Ahmedabad 24 hours later, than it was planned.

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