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Norwegian Air Delayed or Cancelled Flight Compensation and Refund 

Every day, countless flights take off from airports around the world and arrive at their destinations on time, as expected. However, there are also many cases of flight delays and cancellations for travelers to contend with on a daily basis. And it's important to know what to do and how to respond if you find yourself facing a Norwegian Air delayed flight or cancellation.

The first thing to know if you have a Norwegian Air cancel flight or Norwegian Air delays issue is that you may be entitled to Norwegian delayed flight compensation. In fact, depending on the nature of the delay and the length of your flight, you could make a claim with Norwegian for up to 600 euros in Norwegian Air flight compensation.

AirAdvisor can help with this. We can handle the Norwegian claim compensation process on your behalf and get the best possible result for you. And the best part is that we only get paid if you get paid, so it's a no-win, no-fee situation, with no risk for you to worry about. Read on to find out more about Norwegian Air claims and how to claim compensation for delayed flight with Norwegian.

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Norwegian Air Delayed or Cancelled Flight Compensation and Refund 

Norwegian Airplane flying

It's never pleasant to get to the airport and find out that your flight has been cancelled, delayed, or interrupted somehow. Sadly, this is exactly what a lot of travelers have to deal with on a regular basis. Even at this very moment, it’s likely that people in different parts of the world could be contending with a Norwegian Air flight delay or other issues.

Fortunately, you don't simply have to accept delays and cancellations without being able to make a claim or get any money back. Norwegian Airlines refund policy states that you may be entitled to a full ticket refund in certain situations, as well as having the possibility of Norwegian Air claim compensation, too. AirAdvisor is here to help you get the flight compensation from Norwegian Air that you're entitled to.

Disrupted flight? You might have a right to compensation - up to 600€Check Your Flight

What Are My Passenger Rights in Case my Norwegian Air Flight Was Cancelled or Delayed?

So, how does Norwegian Air compensation for a cancelled flight actually work? EU law states that you have the following rights as a passenger of this particular carrier:

  • Up to 600 euros per passenger in Norwegian Air cancelled flight compensation 
  • Up to three years to fill out a Norwegian Air flight delay compensation form and make your claim
  • The right to request refunds and/or compensation for delays of 3+ hours, full cancellations, or situations in which you are not allowed to board a flight because of overbooking


What Should I Do in Case of Cancellations or a Norwegian Air Delayed Flight?

So what should you do if a delay has occurred, or you find yourself faced with a Norwegian Air flight date change? Here are a few key steps to follow:

  • Speak with airport staff and airline representatives to learn as much as you can about the situation
  • Ask for basic services like food and water when you’ve been delayed for several hours (you may even request an accommodation if your flight is delayed overnight)
  • Collect as much evidence as you can, like photos and ticket receipts, to use later on when filling out your Norwegian Air refund form   
  • Use our online Compensation Calculator to find out how much Norwegian Air flight change compensation you could be entitled to

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Norwegian Air Flight Compensation Claims 

There are many different situations in which you can make a claim and request compensation from this carrier.

  • Delays - If your flight gets delayed for three hours or more, you’re entitled to compensation. The value of compensation depends on the length of your flight. Make use of our Compensation Calculator to find out more.
  • Cancellations - If your flight is cancelled and the airline isn’t able to get you booked on a suitable alternative flight, you can also claim compensation. In addition, Norwegian Airlines refund policy states that you can be entitled to a full refund.
  • Denied Boarding due to Overbooking - If you are not allowed to board your flight because it has been overbooked (too many tickets have been sold) then you can also claim compensation and a refund.
  • Missed Connection - If you have missed a connecting flight at an airport because of delays and interruptions caused by this carrier, you may also be entitled to a certain amount of compensation.


Norwegian Air Flight Cancellations: When Are They Liable? 

Even though there are many situations in which this airline can be held responsible for delays and disruptions, there are certain circumstances in which they can avoid having to pay compensation. For example, if “extraordinary circumstances” have occurred and the airline isn’t directly responsible for cancellations and delays, it won’t necessarily have to pay out.

Fortunately for passengers, the term “extraordinary circumstances” only applies in rare cases, such as in cases where extreme weather conditions make it impossible for planes to take off, or if some sort of incident occurs at the airport that causes flights to be temporarily grounded, such as a terrorist threat or bomb scare. In almost all other situations, the airline will be held responsible and will need to pay.

Still, even in other situations, the airline might try to evade responsibility. For example, if a flight gets cancelled or has been overbooked, the airline might try to find an alternative flight for you, departing and arriving at a similar time. If you accept this and your journey isn’t disrupted too badly, you may not be entitled to any compensation.

So, it can be quite confusing for passengers to figure out if they’re able to claim Norwegian delay compensation and how to claim flight delay compensation from Norwegian, too. We can help with this. AirAdvisor can handle the whole claims and negotiation process on your behalf, and you won’t have to pay a penny until we successfully make your claim and help you get the compensation you deserve.


Norwegian Air Flight Refund Policy 

After dealing with a flight delay or cancelled flight, you may be entitled to a refund, in addition to compensation. It’s important to understand that a ticket refund is completely different from compensation, with its own set of rules and policies.

Compensation is paid out for people who have been unfairly made to wait or had their journeys cancelled or interrupted due to flight problems. It’s designed to compensate them for their inconvenience and the issues they’ve had to endure.

Refunds, meanwhile, are paid out when airlines are unable to fulfil their original promises and provide the services that have been paid for. For example, if you paid for a flight but aren’t allowed on board due to overbooking or cancellations, the service you paid for has not been fulfilled, and you can claim a refund.

In some situations, you can be entitled to both refunds and compensation. Again, AirAdvisor can help you find out exactly what you’re owed and take the necessary steps to help you.

If your flight was delayed, canceled or overbooked within the last 3 years, you could be eligible for up to 600€ in compensationCheck Your Flight

Norwegian Air Flight Delay Compensation

Norwegian Air plane in flight

EU Regulation 261 is a European Union regulation that protects passengers’ rights in situations where flights around the EU or from EU airports are delayed or disrupted (read: EU 261 Compensation Explained).

Because of this European regulation, you can be eligible for up to 600 euros in compensation if your flight arrives three hours or more after its stated arrival time.

Exceptions: There are certain exceptions and extraordinary circumstances in which passengers may not be entitled to this kind of delay compensation. Speak with AirAdvisor to find out more.


Norwegian Air Flight 261 Compensation Claim: How Much Can You Get?

According to EU 261, you could be entitled to the following: 

The AirAdvisor compensation calculator can help you find out exactly how much you could get.

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Common Questions: Compensation Claims and Refunds

How to make a claim for delayed flights with Norwegian?

How to apply for flight delay compensation Norwegian Air?

How much compensation could I get from Norwegian Air?

How long does Norwegian Air flight delay compensation take?


Why Should I Entrust My Claim to AirAdvisor?

EU 261 Compensation Claim Norwegian Air: How to Do it?


How to make a claim for delayed flights with Norwegian?

If you’ve had a flight delay with this carrier, you’ll need to make a claim in order to get the compensation you’re owed. This can be a long and confusing process, with forms to be filled out and evidence to be provided. AirAdvisor can help to make it all a lot easier, and you can get in touch with our team to start the claims process today.


How to apply for flight delay compensation Norwegian Air?

AirAdvisor can help you claim compensation from this airline and get the delay compensation you deserve after dealing with a delay. To get started, use our calculator to figure out how much you could be owed.


How much compensation could I get from Norwegian Air?

You could be entitled to up to 600 euros in compensation from this carrier due to delays. The total amount will depend on the length of the flight you were planning to take. Longer flights result in more compensation.


How long does Norwegian Air flight delay compensation take?

The process of getting compensation from this carrier can vary. In some cases, it can be resolved in a matter of weeks, while other cases can drag on for several months or more. AirAdvisor can help you get a speedy payout.


Why Should I Entrust My Claim to AirAdvisor?

  • We’re one of the most experienced and trusted companies in this industry
  • We’ve helped thousands of customers across the globe claim compensation
  • We have a 4.6 rating in customer service
  • We offer our services in 10 different languages
  • We have a stellar team of travel and legal experts
  • Use our compensation verification tool to learn more


EU 261 Compensation Claim Norwegian Air: How to Do it?

Claim with AirAdvisor and get up to €600 compensation. Find out how much you’re owed today.Check Your Flight

About Norwegian Air

  • Founded in 1993 
  • Norway's largest airline 
  • The fourth-biggest low-cost carrier in Europe 
  • Operating bases in Bergen, Oslo, and Stavanger 
  • Norwegian Reward frequent flyer program allows passengers to earn CashPoints to get discounts on flight tickets, as well as perks like faster check-in and seat reservation

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Panagiotis from Denmark (Norwegian Air Shuttle DY KHHGU7 Flight cancellation)
November 10, 2020, 11:28 pm

They didnt even inform me for the cancellation. I got informed at the airport 2 hours before the flight. This is unacceptable

Wenjia from China (Norwegian Air Shuttle DY 4006 Flight cancellation)
July 28, 2020, 3:02 pm

I booked tickets through Bravofly, and the travelling plan is in the moring to go from Umeå to Arlanda, to catch up the next flight to China in the afternoon. However, I was informed that the flight was rescheduled to another flight in the evening (10 hours later then the original flight). It was impossible to connect so I apply to cancel the tickets. Bravofly said yes, but I never receive the refound. And now, they cut off all their customer service phone lines, even impossible of any communication.

Dmitri from Estonia (Norwegian Air Shuttle DY 1061 Flight delay)
July 22, 2020, 10:41 pm

Bird strike.

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