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Olympic Air Delayed and Cancelled Flight Compensation

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Olympic Air Delayed and Cancelled Flight Compensation
Joanna Teljeur
Written By Joanna Teljeur
Last Updated: May 31, 2024

Olympic Air, subsidiary of Aegean, is a 3-Star airline according to SkyTrax with a customer rating of 7/10. At the same time, the airline has a 3/5 rating on TripAdvisor based on 1,089 reviews.

Even if they had perfect reviews, Olympic Air is still vulnerable to flight disruptions like other airlines, so as a passenger, it’s in your best interest to know your rights when you come across delays, cancellations, denied boarding, or missed connections. So, keep reading because we’ll explain your rights and more to make sure you’re armed with knowledge if you experience these issues on your next flight.

Olympic Air Flight Delays

When you encounter a flight delay, it can feel like your entire trip is out of alignment. Luckily, Olympic Air is based in Greece, so it must comply with EU regulations. What does this mean for passengers? To start, it means that you can get compensation for your trouble. Let’s take a closer look.

If your Olympic Air flight is delayed for 2 or more hours, then they must provide you with care and assistance. More specifically, this means free meals and refreshments plus free access to communication.

If your delay causes you to arrive at your final destination 3 or more hours past your scheduled arrival time, then Olympic Air is required to compensate you in cash if they could have avoided or prevented the delay. So, for example, if the disruption was caused by airline scheduling problems, they could have prevented the issue so they must compensate you.

If your flight is delayed by 5 hours or more, then Olympic must try to soften the blow by providing you the choice of a refund or a rebooking. On top of this, you may also be eligible for financial compensation as long as extraordinary circumstances weren’t at play.

Length of Delay

Compensation & Entitlements

2+ hour delays

Meals, refreshments, and access to communication

3+ hour delays

Cash compensation if the airline is at fault

5+ hour delays

Option of rebooking or refund + potential cash compensation

Save up to €120 per family

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Olympic Air Flight Cancellation

Cancelled flights can really put a damper on your travel plans, but again, Olympic Air must compensate you for the inconvenience.

So, if your flight is cancelled with less than14-days notice Olympic Air must offer you the choice of a rebooking or a full refund. If you choose to be rebooked on another flight and you have to wait at least 2 hours for departure, then you will receive care and compensation as described above.

If you’ve accepted an alternate flight that won’t depart until the next day, then you can ask for an overnight hotel stay and transport between the accommodations. Olympic Air should set you up and cover the cost, but if this doesn’t happen, remember to keep your receipts for later submission.

In addition to these entitlements, you could also receive cash compensation if Olympic is at fault for the flight disruption. Because of this, it’s important to find out why your flight was cancelled. If a member of the airline staff tells you what was wrong, get their name and write down what they say along with the date and time. Also, as frustrated as you may feel, be respectful to airline and airport staff.

Olympic Air Cancelled Flight

Involuntary Denied Boarding

From time to time, Olympic Air will sell more tickets than seats available. This practice, known as overbooking, is used by many airlines to ensure a fully booked flight. While this tactic helps the airline make more money, it can cause a lot of grief for passengers who are denied boarding as a result.

If you’re involuntarily denied boarding, Olympic Air is required to provide you with:

  • A replacement flight or
  • A refund and
  • Cash compensation

But be advised: If you’re intoxicated, or if you don’t have the proper documents ready at the gate and you’re denied boarding as a result, then you will not be eligible for cash compensation.

We assume all legal costs

All you have to do is submit the application and wait for the compensation to be received.

Missed Connections

Another common source of stress for passengers is missed connections. In most cases, this results from earlier flight disruptions, but fortunately, you can get a rebooked flight to either your next connection or to your final destination in addition to cash compensation if your flights were all on the same booking, and if Olympic Air was to blame for the earlier disruptions.

Your Passenger Rights

In the European Union and the United Kingdom, your air passengers’ rights are protected by EU261 and UK261 respectively. These regulations protect you and make sure that you are treated fairly when you experience lengthy delays, cancellations, missed connections or denied boarding.

Depending on your unique situation, Olympic Air is responsible for providing you with the following when you depart from or arrive at an airport in these regions.

  • Care and assistance (meals, refreshments, access to communication)
  • Cash compensation
  • Alternate flights
  • Refunds

Olympic Air EU261/UK261 Compensation

Flight Delays

Flight Cancellations

Denied Boarding

Up to £520/€600 in compensation

Care & Assistance

Up to £520/€600 in compensation

Rebooked flight OR Refund

Care & Assistance

Up to £520/€600 in compensation

Rebooked flight OR Refund

Care & Assistance

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Cash Compensation from Olympic

Cash compensation is calculated based on:

  • The length of your delay
  • The total distance of your flight.

Delay Time

Flight Distance


Flights under 1,500km

Flights between 1,500-3,500km

Flights over 3,500km

Over 3 hours




Under 3 hours



* Olympic Air might try to reduce this amount by as much as 50%, but AirAdvisor always works to get the full amount.

Extraordinary Circumstances

Extraordinary circumstances are situations outside the airline’s control that lead to flight disruptions. We mention them here because if you have a delay or cancellation attributed to extraordinary circumstances, it means Olympic Air isn’t liable for cash compensation.

Examples of extraordinary circumstances

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People Also Ask

What should you do if you’re offered a voucher in place of a refund?

Anytime you’re offered a voucher, be sure you read all the details and understand them fully before accepting. Remember, you have legal rights to a cash refund and many times, vouchers are laced with restrictions and blackout dates. Bottom line - make sure you know what you’re getting.

When you have an involuntary downgraded seat on a flight, can you get compensation?

Yes! For seating class downgrades, the airline must repay you for the difference in cost, but you won’t get compensation on top of that.

Can kids get compensation from Olympic Air?

Yes! If you purchased a ticket for your child, then they are eligible for compensation.

Will Olympic Air refund my ticket because of strike?

If your Olympic Air flight is cancelled, you should receive a refund or a replacement flight. If your flight delay exceeds 5 hours or more, the ticket cost will be fully reimbursed back to you upon cancelling the flight yourself.


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Flight Compensation Calculator

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Recent Comments

Henrik Helmuth from Denmark (Olympic Air OA 24 Flight cancellation)
November 11, 2022, 4:16 pm

Dear Olympic Air We was in the airport two times and the flight got cancelled twice. They told me at the helpdisk that i have to write to you and get my refoun. My booking ref. NCIXXX and my frequent flyer nr. A3 14ERTTTT and my girlfriends frequent flyer nr.A3 146XCCCC Kind regards Henrik and Henriette

Nikolaos from Austria (Olympic Air OA 79 Flight delay)
July 26, 2022, 7:34 am

hi, The gate staff gave me a paper with an apology for this delay and it was written that i could have a free flight. thank you Nikolaos Giannoulis

Cameron from United Kingdom (Olympic Air OA 247 Flight delay)
July 19, 2022, 5:44 pm

Before we had even left Samos we were told we’d be given a hotel in Athens, and to leave on a flight through Istanbul to Edinburgh the following day. Instead of arriving at 23:05 on the 18th as scheduled, we landed at 15:50 on the 19th.

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