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Royal Air Maroc Refund, Claim and Compensation

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Last Updated: June 24, 2024

A passenger waits for a delayed Royal Air Maroc flight

Royal Air Maroc, also known as RAM, is the national carrier for the country of Morocco. It offers flights around the world and is a successful airline, with many satisfied companies. However, like other airlines, Royal Air Maroc can sometimes have delays, flight cancellations, and other problems.

Royal Air Maroc delays and disruptions can cause a lot of problems for passengers. And it can be worrying if Royal Air Maroc cancelled flights at the last minute when you were expecting to travel. Fortunately, there are options out there for you to get some money back as a Royal Air Maroc refund or Royal Air Maroc compensation.

Read through our guide to find out more about what to do when dealing with a Royal Air Maroc cancel flight or delay situation, and find out how you could receive up to €600 (£520) in compensation.

Royal Air Maroc Delayed Flight Compensation

Flight delays happen all the time, with every airline, including Royal Air Maroc. These delays can happen for a wide range of reasons, such as bad weather, technical problems, scheduling issues, airline strikes, and so on.

It can be problematic to deal with delays, but, because of EU law, you may be entitled to claim some Royal Air Maroc compensation in the case of lengthy delays lasting three hours or more.

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Royal Air Maroc Cancellations

Sometimes, Royal Air Maroc flights are cancelled entirely. This can be even more dramatic for passengers to deal with, and there are various reasons why flights might be cancelled, like extreme weather, health and security emergencies, and so on.

Again, thanks to European law protecting yourpassenger rights, as well as official Royal Air Maroc cancellation policy, you could be entitled to both compensation and a refund from Royal Air Maroc, too.

Royal Air Maroc Strike Compensation - Your Rights & Entitlements

Anytime you fall a victim to your Royal Air Maroc flight being disrupted due to an airline crew strike (Royal Air Maroc employee strike), you are in for a treat. The European Court of Justice has confirmed that passengers whose flights are delayed or cancelled are entitled to compensation, thanks to EU 261 Compensation.

Besides your potential right for an additional monetary claim, airline must offer you the choice between a Royal Air Maroc strike refund of your original flight ticket price OR an alternative flight to your original destination.

How Royal Air Maroc Flight Cancellation and Delay Compensation Works

Passengers discuss Royal Air Maroc delayed flight compensation

So, what are you entitled to after Royal Air Maroc flight cancellations or delays? And how do you make a Royal Air Maroc compensation claim? Well, here are your basic passenger rights on Royal Air Maroc flights in Europe:

  • Receive up to €600 (£520) in compensation
  • Make a claim at any time in the three years after your flight
  • Claim for delays, cancellations, missed connections, and more

The process of making a Royal Air Maroc refund claim or compensation claim after a flight cancellation of Royal Air Maroc can be difficult and time-consuming. Air Advisor can help you get the Royal Air Maroc cancellation compensation you’re entitled to.

We have a trusted team of legal and travel experts who know exactly what to do to get claims paid out quickly and conveniently. We can handle all the hard work on your behalf, and thanks to our no-win, no-fee system, you won’t have to pay until the job is done.

Ready to get started? Check out our flight delay compensation calculator to see how much money you could get.

We work on a No-Win, No-Fee basis

AirAdvisor is happy to help with your claim, so you can avoid the stress of dealing with airlines and complicated laws.

When to Make a Claim for Royal Air Maroc Compensation?

According to EU 261, this airline should pay compensation in any of the following situations:

Do note that there are some “extraordinary circumstances” in which the airline can avoid paying compensation, but it’s still worth trying your claim, and you may be entitled to a refund, according to Royal Air Maroc refund policy, even if you can't always get compensation.

Steps to Follow for Royal Air Compensation Claims

Passenger waiting for a new flight after a Royal Air Maroc flight cancellation

Here are some simple steps to follow if you encounter a delay or Royal Air Maroc cancel flight issue when you get to the airport:

  • First, speak to an airline representative. You should be able to ask them about why the flight was delayed or cancelled.
  • Collect evidence that you’ll be able to use later on to support your claim for compensation, like photos, receipts, tickets, etc.
  • Claim any food, drink, and other benefits while you wait at the airport during lengthy delay periods.
  • Use our free online compensation calculator to learn how much compensation you could receive. 

Can I Get a Refund for Royal Air Maroc Cancelled Flights?

In most cases, if the airline cancelled your flight and wasn't able to get you booked on another alternative service, you'll be entitled to a full refund. If you're the one who cancelled the flight, you may have to pay a Royal Air Maroc cancellation fee and go through a Royal Air Maroc refund claim process.

Usually, you can file a Royal Air Maroc refund request online, and, according to Royal Air Maroc flight cancellation policy, you should be able to get the full price back. The airline may offer the refund as cash, credit, or a voucher. We recommend saying no to vouchers, as they might expire.

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How to Cancel a Flight with Royal Air Maroc?

You can contact the airline by phone or log in to your online account to cancel your flight.

What to Do if Royal Air Maroc Cancelled My Flight?

Contact the airline and find out more. They may offer you an alternative flight, or you can work with Air Advisor to file a refund and compensation claim.

Why Do Royal Air Maroc Flights Get Cancelled?

There are many reasons why a RAM flight might be cancelled, like bad weather or airline strikes.

What Causes Royal Air Maroc Delays?

Weather problems, technical issues, and airport congestion can all cause delays with Royal Air Maroc.

What is the Royal Air Maroc strike refund policy?

If strike happened and it affected your flight schedule, you might decide not to proceed with your travel at all and in order to cancel and refund your ticket. In such case airline shall cancel or amend your booking totally free if disruption is caused by airline employee’s strike. But if it is not airline’s controlled event, airline will likely waive change fees but you might be required to pay difference in air fare as airline will typically rebook you on another available flight and will agree to issue a refund only if airline cannot provide you a service at all.

Can I Get a Royal Air Maroc Refund if I Cancel My Booking?

It depends on the situation and the type of ticket you booked. Some Royal Air Maroc tickets can be refunded entirely if you cancel within a certain time frame, but for others, you might not get any money back or only a percentage of it.

Flight Compensation Calculator
Flight Compensation Calculator

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Hafsa from France (Royal Air Maroc AT 789 Flight cancellation)
April 24, 2024, 12:19 am

Cancelled in less than 48h without any given reason

Hicham from United States (USA) (Royal Air Maroc AT 989 Flight delay)
April 21, 2024, 10:33 am

First leg from AGP to CMN is delayed from 13:50 to 18:35. Then 2nd leg from CMN to MIA itinerary was also changed from 16:55 to 22:20 -I was supposed to arrive in Miami at 20:40 April 21st. due to the delay, New arrival is 2:05 April 22nd. -Airline didn’t provide any assistance at all - The delay caused me a financial hardship. I had to cancel my connecting flight from MIA to ATL because. Cancellation fee alone is $99 - I had to purchase a new flight from MIA to ATL with Delta departing at 7am. - The delay caused me longer layover that I didn’t anticipate to cover meal money for at the airport, transportation. - Most importantly I’ll miss a Monday meeting with a new client that will leave him with a first bad impression doing business with my agency.

Idabie from Spain (Royal Air Maroc AT 961 Flight delay)
November 14, 2021, 7:39 am


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