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SunExpress Delayed and Cancelled Flight Compensation

What happens when you have a flight disruption with SunExpress? If you have a flight delay or a cancellation, what can you expect from the airline in assistance, and what are their responsibilities to you as a passenger? We’re going to unpack the answers to all this and more in this article, so keep reading. 4.6/5 based on 14,289 reviews

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SunExpress Delayed or Cancelled Flight compensation and refund
Joanna Teljeur
Written By Joanna Teljeur
Last Updated: March 27, 2024

SunExpress Air Passenger Rights

You never know when flight disruptions will occur. When they do, it’s important to be familiar with the rights you have as a passenger.

EU Air Passenger Rights

In the European Union, your air passenger rights are protected by EU regulation 261/2004 that applies when your flight departs from an EU country, or arrives in an EU country as long as you’re flying with an EU airline. Be advised, however, that the amount of compensation you could receive will depend on the distance of your flight and the length of the delay caused by the flight disruption.

Passenger Rights in the UK

The UK has its own passenger rights regulations. Known as UK261, these rules mirror those found in EU261, and provide similar protections when you are flying from a UK airport or into the UK on a UK-based airline. Additionally, UK261 protects passengers in the event of delays, cancellations, and other disruptions while ensuring the same kind of compensation. Again, the amount of compensation you get will depend on the distance you’ve travelled and the length of time you were delayed.

SunExpress Compensation in EU & UK

Flight Delays

Flight Cancellations

Denied Boarding

Up to €600 in monetary compensation

Care & Assistance

Up to €600 in monetary compensation

Rebooked flight OR Refund

Care & Assistance

Up to €600 in monetary compensation

Rebooked flight OR Refund

Care & Assistance

Passenger Rights in Turkey

SunExpress is based in Turkey, but it is a co-venture between Turkish Airlines and Lufthansa. Because of this, some flights may only be covered by Turkish air passenger rights. Also known as SHY-PASSENGER, Turkey Regulation on Air Passenger Rights are slightly different from the regulations in the EU and UK.

First, airlines in Turkey are not required to compensate passengers for flight delays outside of due care. Also the rights for passengers are based on the amount of time you must wait at the airport and the total flight distance. In order to be eligible for cancellation compensation, you must have been notified of the cancelled flight less than 14 days before departure, and payment will be in lire and based on the exchange rate from the date your ticket was purchased. Generally, you can expect between €100 and €600 in compensation.

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SunExpress Delayed Flight Compensation

From February 21 to March 21 (2024), SunExpress operated 7,706 flights. Of these, 19% were delayed by at least 15 minutes with an average delay time of 23 minutes. (Airportia)

As a SunExpress passenger, you’re entitled to flight delay compensation if the delay is at least 3 hours long and considered preventable by the airline.

SunExpress Flight Cancellation Compensation

For the same time period, SunExpress passengers experienced roughly 15 cancellations (or 0.2% flights within the time range).

With flight cancellations, you as a SunExpress passenger, are eligible to receive compensation if your flight is suddenly cancelled with less than 14 days' notice, and if it was outside the carrier’s control to prevent it. These are extraordinary circumstances - but more on this later.

Max Kownatzki, the CEO of SunExpress, (Talking about the SkyTrax 2023 award for Best Leisure Airline in Europe) said:

“This award is a testament to the quality of the product and service standards we offer to our customers. It is a source of great pleasure for us to see that this award is based on direct feedback from passengers, and that our guests appreciate the devoted work of all our teams on this occasion. I would like to thank our esteemed guests for choosing us and our amazing team who provide the best service to our guests with the same passion and professionalism every day. We will continue to listen carefully to the expectations and demands of our guests, and to invest in our products and services in the air and on the ground.”

EU261 SunExpress Refund Policy

Under the rules of EU261 regulations, SunExpress (under certain circumstances) is required to refund the price of your ticket as well as give you compensation for the cancelled or severely delayed flight. These circumstances include:

  • SunExpress flights cancelled with less than 14 days' notice.
  • Flights that are delayed over 5 hours.
  • Situations where you are denied boarding caused by overbooking or operational reasons caused by SunExpress.

The exact amount of compensation you receive will depend on the length of the flight delay and the distance of the flight, as mentioned above.

SunExpress Flight Cancelled

SunExpress Denied Boarding Compensation

Fortunately, denied boarding compensation is also part of what SunExpress is required to pay its passengers. So if you’re “bumped” from a flight because it’s been oversold, then you will be eligible for compensation unless you decided to voluntarily give up your seat.

SunExpress Compensation for Missed Connections

Thanks to the rules of EU261, you can claim compensation when you miss your connecting flight caused by a delay or cancellation from another leg of your SunExpress journey. Bear in mind that all the flights must be under the same reservation or booking.

The deciding factor for the amount you can claim will hinge on your arrival time at your destination and flight distance. If you arrived at your final destination 3 or more hours later than you originally scheduled flight, then you will be eligible to claim.

How Much SunExpress Compensation You Can Get

The following table will help illustrate the amount of compensation you could receive for flight disruptions with SunExpress.

Delay Time

Flight Distance


Flights under 1,500km

Flights between 1,500-3,500km

Flights over 3,500km

Over 3 hours




Under 3 hours


* SunExpress might try to reduce this amount by as much as 50%, but AirAdvisor always works to get the full amount.

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How to Maximise Your SunExpress Compensation

If you have a flight delay or cancellation, there are some common pitfalls that you should be aware of.

Agreeing to the First Offer

SunExpress might try to sidestep their compensation payment by offering you a low compensation offer when the flight disruption happens. But be careful and try not to accept these kinds of offers. Instead, compare the offer with the compensation amount you're owed. Then, ask them for the full amount.

Accepting Vouchers

You might also be offered flight vouchers by SunExpress, but again, be very careful about accepting there.

  • Vouchers are typically only redeemable on the same airline.
  • Blackout dates and restrictions are common
  • Many passenger forget to use them and
  • Accepting one may forfeit your right to claim further compensation.

Signing Waivers

SunExpress might ask you to sign documents or waivers. Again, be cautious and don’t feel pressured to sign anything you don’t completely understand. Sometimes these kinds of documents will limit the carrier’s liability or waive your right to compensation.

Extraordinary Circumstances

Earlier we mentioned that SunExpress must be at fault for the delay or cancellation in order to be liable for flight compensation. Here are some situations that are considered extraordinary circumstances, or situations outside the airline’s control.

  • Severe weather
  • Air traffic control restrictions
  • Civil unrest or security threats
  • Natural disasters
  • Bird strikes

SunExpress Flight Delay

How to Claim Through the Official Website

Claiming compensation from SunExpress can be an intimidating process for some. Still, you can file a claim directly with SunExpress via their website. Be sure to collect as much evidence as you can to support your case including any information you gleaned from the airline about the disruptions, photos of cancellation notifications, your booking and flight details, boarding pass, and any receipts for out-of-pocket expenses.

You can also let the legal professionals at AirAdvisor help as we can handle the process on your behalf and increase your likelihood of a successful claim.

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People Also Ask

What if you cancel your SunExpress flight? Can you get a refund?

If SunExpress cancels the flight, they must refund the price of your ticket to passengers. But if you decide to voluntarily cancel your scheduled flight, then you are not entitled to a refund. The airline’s cancellation policy is restrictive, unless you have a flexible fare, which allows you to reschedule your flight to a later date with minimal cost.

Note: Regardless of ticket type, passengers have the right to request a refund amount for airport taxes and fees as part of a cancellation refund.

How long does it take to get SunExpress flight delay compensation?

Legally speaking compensation should be paid within 30 days as provided in Regulation EU/EC 261. You can expect SunExpress to take 2-4 months to verify and respond to such claims, but they may try to postpone or ignore such compensation payment requests as airlines know most passengers will eventually give up.

How much time do you have to file a claim against SunExpress?

The statute of limitations for filing a compensation claim can vary depending on the laws of the country from which you arrived or departed. Generally, travellers have a period of up to three years from the date of their flight to take action, however, some countries may have a shorter period for example 1 or 2 years to submit a claim.

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Recent Comments

David from United Kingdom (SunExpress XQ 591 Flight delay)
November 23, 2022, 6:45 pm

Plane was delayed and mid air on flight the door under plane opened and we had a frightening drop in height and had an emergency landing in Vienna.

Laurent from Germany (SunExpress XQ 911 Flight delay)
October 5, 2022, 7:06 am

Delay to boarding was first announced as about 2 hours. Once the plane boarded, we waited another hour in the plane. Total delay was about 3h30, so instead of arriving in the afternoon we arrived in the evening. The airline did not really communicate a clear reason. Either an issue with other flights or scheduling issues from the airport.

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