CountrySpain, ES
CityPalma de Mallorca

Palma de Mallorca Airport: Delays & Cancellations

If you have suffered a flight delay or cancellation, or got denied boarding by an airline at Palma De Mallorca Airport, you may have the right to compensation of up to €600 per person.

AirAdvisor makes it easy for you to claim compensation. Filing a claim does not entail any risk or advance cost, as AirAdvisor only gets a success fee commission from payment received from the airline. The service is free, if compensation is not collected.

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Palma de Mallorca Airport is an international airport on the beautiful Mallorca. Located just 5 miles away from the city of Palma, this airport handles millions of passengers every year and is a popular destination for airlines like Air Europa, EasyJet, and Ryanair.

However, just like other airports around the world, Palma de Mallorca sometimes experiences delays and cancellations. Not sure what to do if you find yourself facing Mallorca Airport delays or have a Mallorca flight cancelled? Read on for all the info you need.

 If your flight was delayed, canceled or overbooked within the last 3 years, you could be eligible for up to $700(£520) in compensationCheck Your Flight

Cancellations at Delays at Mallorca Airport

There are many Mallorca flights cancelled and delayed for various reasons. Sometimes, delays and cancellations are caused by scheduling issues, while other times, technical reasons or weather problems are to blame.

But what can you do if this happens? Well, thanks to a part of EU law called EU 261 Regulation, there are certain passenger rights you’re entitled to if you have a flight delayed or called off at Mallorca Airport. Here’s a quick breakdown of how it works.

  • You could be entitled to up to 600€ (£520) per person in compensation after delays or flight cancellations at Palma de Mallorca.
  • You have up to three years after the date of your flight to make a claim for compensation.
  • You can claim compensation for cancellations and delays at Palma de Mallorca Airport, as well as overbooking problems and missed connections


How to Claim Compensation After Cancelled Mallorca Flights

Airplane waiting in Mallorca airport after delays of several flights

Claiming compensation after a cancellation at Palma de Mallorca Airport isn’t always an easy process. You’ll have to get in touch with the airline responsible for your flight, fill out forms, provide evidence, and prove why you deserve compensation.

If you’d like to make the process much easier, AirAdvisor can help you. Our legal and travel experts handle many claims of this nature and have lots of experience in helping passengers get compensation paid out quickly and efficiently.

Try using our free flight delay compensation calculator to see how much money you could get.


How to Claim Compensation After Delayed Mallorca Flights 

So, what about if your flight is delayed, but not cancelled? Well, you’re still entitled to compensation, as long as the delay lasts for three hours or more, or if it causes you to miss a connection later on in your journey.

In terms of how to claim compensation after a delayed Mallorca flight, the process is pretty similar. Again, you’ll need to fill out forms and speak with the airline’s representatives, and once again, Air Advisor can handle this process for you! Plus, we won’t ask for any payment until we’re successful in making your claim.


When Can I Claim Palma de Mallorca Airport Compensation?

EU 261 protects passengers in all of these situations:


Palma de Mallorca Flight Cancellation: Steps to Follow

Woman looking if flights to Mallorca are cancelled

Are flights to Mallorca cancelled? If so, and you’re affected, here are some steps to follow:

  • Find and speak to a member of the airline to learn more about what’s happening.
  • Gather evidence to support your claim, like tickets, receipts, and so on. 
  • Claim essential services while you wait, like food and drink.
  • Use our online compensation calculator to see how much compensation you could get.



Claim with AirAdvisor and get up to €600 (£520) compensation. Find out how much you’re owed today.Check Your Flight

Are Flights Back on to Mallorca or Cancelled?

The COVID-19 pandemic caused some flights to Mallorca to be cancelled, but at this time, flights to Palma de Mallorca are running.


How Do I Find Out About Flights to Mallorca Cancelled?

If you're wondering "Have flights to Mallorca been cancelled?" You can visit the airport's official website and check the latest news.


Does Palma de Mallorca Airport Have Many Delayed Flights?

Like any other airport, Palma de Mallorca Airport has many flights that arrive on time, but still struggles with delays and cancellations from time to time.


What Causes Cancelled Flights at Mallorca Airport?

There are many potential causes of cancelled flights from Mallorca Airport, like technical issues, airline worker shortages, strikes, and weather.


How Do I Contact Airlines and Claim Compensation if My Palma de Mallorca Flight Was Delayed?

AirAdvisor can help you make your claim for compensation after a flight issue at Palma de Mallorca. We’ll speak with the airline on your behalf and take the necessary steps to get compensation paid out to you. Plus, we operate on a no-win, no-fee basis, so you won’t have to pay us a penny unless we’re successful.

Claim your compensation with AirAdvisor and get up to 600€ (£520) per person!Check Your Flight


AirAdvisor helps youIf your flight was delayed, canceled or overbooked within the last 3 years, you could be eligible for up to 600€ (£520) in compensation
Check your compensation

Popular problematic flights departing from Palma De Mallorca Airport

Cancelled or delayed flights from Palma De Mallorca Airport

AIRLINEFlight numberDestination airport
LufthansaLH 1797Munich, (MUC)
LufthansaLH 1799Munich, (MUC)
LufthansaLH 2659Munich, (MUC)
LufthansaLH 2661Munich, (MUC)
LufthansaLH 2729Munich, (MUC)
LufthansaLH 9851Munich, (MUC)
LufthansaLH 9950Munich, (MUC)
Air BalticBT 4843Duesseldorf, (DUS)
Air BalticBT 4845Duesseldorf, (DUS)
Air BalticBT 9575Duesseldorf, (DUS)
Air BalticBT 9577Duesseldorf, (DUS)
Air BalticBT 9579Duesseldorf, (DUS)
Air BalticBT 9581Duesseldorf, (DUS)
Air BalticBT 9583Duesseldorf, (DUS)
Air BalticBT 9587Duesseldorf, (DUS)
Air BalticBT 9589Duesseldorf, (DUS)
Air BalticBT 9591Duesseldorf, (DUS)
Air BalticBT 9593Duesseldorf, (DUS)
Air BalticBT 9595Duesseldorf, (DUS)
Austrian AirlinesOS 436Vienna, (VIE)
Austrian AirlinesOS 438Vienna, (VIE)
Austrian AirlinesOS 432Vienna, (VIE)
Brussels AirlinesSN 3768Brussels, (BRU)
Brussels AirlinesSN 3770Brussels, (BRU)
Brussels AirlinesSN 1088Brussels, (BRU)
Wizz AirW6 5126London, (LTN)
Wizz AirW6 5722London, (LGW)
Wizz AirW6 2384Budapest, (BUD)
Wizz AirW6 5944Doncaster, Sheffield, (DSA)
Wizz AirW6 5818Cardiff, (CWL)
Wizz AirW6 1184Katowice, (KTW)
Wizz AirW6 1328Warsaw, (WAW)
Wizz AirW6 3420Cluj-napoca, (CLJ)
Wizz AirW6 8322Rome, (FCO)
Wizz AirW6 7896Debrecen, (DEB)
Wizz AirW6 3024Bucharest, (OTP)
Wizz AirW6 5446Venice, (VCE)
CondorDE 1400Munich, (MUC)
CondorDE 1491Munich, (MUC)
CondorDE 1509Munich, (MUC)
CondorDE 1513Munich, (MUC)
CondorDE 1517Duesseldorf, (DUS)
CondorDE 1775Duesseldorf, (DUS)
CondorDE 1779Duesseldorf, (DUS)
CondorDE 1849Duesseldorf, (DUS)
CondorDE 1521Hamburg, (HAM)
CondorDE 1499Frankfurt, (FRA)
CondorDE 1171Vienna, (VIE)
CondorDE 1527Leipzig, (LEJ)
CondorDE 1773Frankfurt, (FRA)
CondorDE 1543Hamburg, (HAM)
CondorDE 1525Stuttgart, (STR)
CondorDE 1035Nuernberg, (NUE)
CondorDE 1163Zurich, (ZRH)

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