EU Flight Cancellation Compensation

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Regardless of your citizenship or residency, you may be protected by EU law cancelled flights. Not only when the flights to Europe cancelled but in many other situations. 

All international travelers have the opportunity to get EU flight compensation when a flight is cancelled. AirAdvisor will explain to you what flights qualify for European law flight compensation.

Find out about your EU passenger rights flight cancelled and how to get your EU flight cancellation compensation.

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Flight cancellations can easily destroy your vacations or business trips. Here comes the EU Directive flight cancellation that outlines rules on EU flight compensation.

Any air passenger can refer to cancelled flight compensation EU Regulations (also included in UK law). It does not matter where you live or what your citizenship is. You may get flight cancellation compensation outside EU if your flight qualifies. 

According to the EU flight cancellation compensation rules, you may claim compensation for cancelled flight EU of up to $700. 

However, the airlines are exempt from paying any EU 261 flight cancellation compensation in some cases. One of the most common reasons is if the airline notifies you about the cancellation more than 14 days before the trip.


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EU flight compensation: when are you eligible? 

According to EU law cancelled flights, any international traveler may be entitled to EU flight compensation

Regulation 261/2004 lays down eligibility criteria for EU flight cancellation compensation. As long as your flight meets the conditions, you can claim your European Union airline passenger rights. 

You can get compensation for cancelled flights in Europe only if:

  • you were informed about the cancelled flight less than 14 days before the departure date
  • your flight was planned to depart from the EU or it was run by an EU airline
  • your flight was not cancelled due to extraordinary circumstances (such as bad weather, riots, etc.) but due to the airline's fault (technical problems, crew strikes, etc.)
  • you sent the EU flight cancellation compensation form on time (deadline varies, but usually it is 3 years after the flight disruption)
  • you have documents that confirm your flight booking 


How can AirAdvisor enforce your EU passenger rights flight cancelled?

International company AirAdvisor is a recognized expert in the travel industry. We specialize in getting EU flight compensation for travelers whenever they experience delay or cancellation, denied boarding. 

Our professional team knows how to claim EU flight cancellation compensation. We help affected passengers along the whole process: from communicating with airlines to defending their EU cancellation rights in court. 

You may doubt your eligibility or do not have time to study your European Union airline passenger rights. Or, you simply do not want to argue with airlines. AirAdvisor is there for you. 

We have 5 years of experience in dealing with EU law compensation cancelled flights. We know EU travel compensation rules inside out. 

With AirAdvisor, you can find out if you are entitled to compensation when your flight was delayed or canceled. In most cases, you may get up to $700! 

Our service is efficient and risk-free. You do not have to pay anything since we only earn a commission when your EU law flight cancellation compensation is obtained. So, hurry up and get in touch with our EU passenger rights flight cancelled team


Flights to Europe cancelled: what flights are covered by  EU law cancelled flights

Lufthansa flights to Europe cancelled? You may get EU flight cancellation compensation

European law flight compensation defines your eligibility for claiming compensation. You may be protected by EU law cancelled flights if one of the following flight conditions Europe is met:

  • your flight is managed by an EU airline, or
  • your flight was scheduled to depart from the EU airport

As a result, you may get EU travel compensation for flights to Europe cancelled if your flight was operated by an EU airline such as Lufthansa or KLM. 

Under EU Regulation flight cancellation compensation, the EU covers 27 members of the European Union, Norway, Iceland, Switzerland and 9 overseas areas. 

For example, your Air France flight departs from Miami to Guadeloupe but is suddenly canceled. It will be considered an EU cancelled flight since the flight is run by the EU airline. So, you may be protected by EU law. 

Refer to the following table to check if you may claim flight cancellation reimbursement EU of up to $700:

Flight Journey

EU Airline

non-EU Airline

within EU



EU airport - non-EU airport



non-EU airport - EU airport



outside EU 




How much European law flight compensation can you get?

AirAdvisor team can help you to claim EU flight cancellation compensation of up to $700

EU flight cancellation compensation amount differs depending on the distance of your flight. For longer distances, overseas flights, the compensation is higher.

The table below indicates the maximum EU flight compensation you can get:


Travel Distance of Your Flight

up to $300

all flights under 1,500km, ex., Paris - Milan

up to $450

all flights between 1,500km - 3,500km, ex., Athens - Berlin

up to $450

all internal EU flights over 3,500km, ex. Valencia - Reykjavik

up to $700

all external EU flights over 3,500km, ex. New York (non-EU airport) - London (EU airport)

The exact amount of EU canceled flight compensation is defined by:

  • when you were informed about the cancellation (less than 7 days before the flight or more in advance) 
  • if your trip included connecting flights
  • if the airline offered an alternative flight and whether you accepted it, and others

Find out how much European law flight compensation you can get on our website. It takes less than 3 minutes and is free of charge. 


How to claim EU flight cancellation compensation?

Woman is reading AirAdvisor's guideline on how to claim EU flight compensation

Your flight is cancelled? Wonder how to claim compensation for cancelled flight EU?   Our expert team put together a simple guideline that is useful in getting your 600 euro cancelled flight compensation:

  1. Ask crew members for written proof of flight cancellation
  2. Ask for:
    • a full ticket refund and return flights back to the original point of departure, or
    • alternative flight (make a note of the actual arrival time of this flight, ask for complimentary drinks and meals if this flight is delayed over 2 hours and for transportation and a hotel room if the flight is postponed till the next day)
  3. Keep all travel documents (boarding pass, e-Ticket, booking reservation, etc.) Attach them along with your EU flight cancellation compensation letter
  4. Gather proof of flight cancellation (ex., make a photo of the departure board)
  5. Keep all receipts if you incurred additional expenses due to the cancellation (meals, clothes, etc.)
  6. Carefully read what you are signing (often airlines offer travel vouchers to compensate for flight cancellation. They usually contain a waiver of cash EU flight compensation)

Claiming your EU passenger rights flight cancelled is a stressful and tiring process. But you are not alone. AirAdvisor will do all it takes to get your EU flight cancellation compensation

We can submit your EU cancellation claim on your behalf and go to court if needed. It is stress-free and free of charge for you. 


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